Hawthorn Unicorn Wand


Hand carved hawthorn wood wand shaped as a unicorn horn

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This gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wand was hand-carved from a foraged fallen branch of hawthorn by Nanna Anna herself, and is just waiting for the right magical soul to bond with.

Carved into dual spiralling twirls and measuring 27cm long, the hawthorn branch took on the appearance of a unicorn’s horn, thus shaping itself into a particularly magical wand.

If you’re familiar with a certain famous fictional young wizard and his magical story, you will have heard ‘hawthorn’, ‘unicorn’ and ‘wand’ in the same sentence before. Our young wizard’s nemesis – whose name sounds like Maco Dralfoy – owned a wand made of hawthorn with a unicorn’s hair at the core, and at one stage, our hero even claimed ownership of it.

Contradictory in nature, hawthorn wands have the ability to heal and to harm equally, and as such, they crave an owner who understands the complexities of using magic ethically. The purity of a unicorn’s horn speaks of a heart of kindness, and as a blend of purity and power, this wand would be ideally suited to someone who wants to bring about positive change amidst troubled times.

**Cannot be shipped to WA or Tasmania.

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