Passing-on traditional crafts & ‘rental permaculture’

The Urban Nanna specialises in teaching people about traditional skills, crafts and methods of living set in the framework of a modern-day world. As well as reviving traditional ways of cooking, preserving, and crafting, we focus heavily on permaculture and living a more sustainable lifestyle by gardening and adopting zero-waste principles in everyday life.

We’re heavily active on Instagram and Facebook, where we host the tag #rentalpermaculture, and promote worldwide community engagement through our followers on a broad spectrum of topics. We believe that positive environmental and cultural change is ultimately possible, but that it will be infinitely more attainable if we work together as a supportive global neighbourhood.

‘Nanna’ Anna is a former primary teacher with a horticultural background, and founder of The Urban Nanna. Through articles, workshops, in-home consultations, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and media avenues, she shares traditional knowledge, methods and skills with people around the world much like grandmas used to do with their children and grandchildren.

Firmly steeped in the ethos of Permaculture, The Urban Nanna showcases how it’s possible to be a sustainable permie even while living in the unpredictable rental market of suburban Australia.

Find out about upcoming workshops and past coaching/consulting sessions on the Events & Coaching page; see where you can read or listen to more of our insights on living a Rental Permaculture life on Media & Resources; and get stuck into living more sustainably by trying some of our Recipes here. For media, guest-speaker or publication requests, as well as enquiries about 1-on-1 coaching or consulting, please get in contact with us here.

And if you’re after some fun gifts, our Shop has a range of goodies on offer, including DIY craft kits, handstitched wearable items, useful downloads, educational resources and more.

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