Creamy Wild Mushroom Sauce

By The Urban Nanna

When you’ve been out foraging, there’s always something incredibly attractive about a comforting, hearty meal to follow it up with, and this creamy sauce is perfect for that.

Made with a mixture of aromatic wild mushrooms and regular button mushrooms, you can use this sauce for a variety of dishes. It complements beef and chicken well, so serving it with a steak, grilled chicken breast, beef patties or roast chook are all delicious, simple options. Another favourite is as the filling in crispy, floofy vol-au-vents: if you fancy bulking out the sauce for this purpose, adding some diced chicken at the same time as the onions is a good idea. folded through beaten eggs, this sauce will pimp any mushroom quiche beyond recognition, and if you happen to have some wraps, bases or pita bread lying around, it makes the most sumptuous base sauce for a mushroom pizza.

We’ve mentioned that you can use either cream, cream cheese, or sour cream, and that’s because this sauce isn’t fussy. It just wants to be creamy, and any of these three ingredients will help achieve that.


3 cloves garlic, crushed

1/2 brown onion, chopped

1tbsp butter

500g mixed fresh mushrooms (even mix of wild & regular mushrooms)

2tbsp cream, cream cheese or sour cream


1. Skin & remove spore tubes from boletes & scrape stems. Chop.

2. Wash & dry Saffron Milkcaps. Chop.

3. Chop store-bought mushrooms.  

4. Fry garlic & onion in some oil until soft. Set aside

5. Melt butter in large frypan. Get it nice & hot.

6. Add mushrooms & allow to fry on one side until golden brown.

7. Flip mushrooms and allow to fry til golden brown on other side. Do not “jiggle” them around.

8. Add cream cheese/cream/sour cream and 1/2c water. you can add a dash of white wine if you like. Stir gently.  

9. Simmer until thick and creamy. Season to taste with salt & pepper.

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