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Urban Foraging introductory learning booklet

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During non-lockdown periods, The Urban Nanna runs regular Urban Foraging workshops in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne where students find and identify a range of edible fruits, greens and flowers found in ‘wild’ urban spaces across Victoria.

Students learn about the basic principles and protocols of foraging, and then move on to plant specifics. They observe and interact with many types of fruit trees, edible green weeds, and useful flowers growing at various times of the year, and are shown the physical features one can use to correctly identify useful trees even when they’re not fruiting. The class discusses the types of locations where one can hunt for wild edibles in the future, and finally how to safely prepare and enjoy eating many of the foods they’re likely to find.

As a part of these workshops, we developed an introductory 8-page foraging booklet with helpful information to get you started. It includes an introduction to general foraging etiquette; info on useful tools to take out with you; a list of which wild edibles to look out for in each season; images and a checklist of some of the most common foods to be found around the South-Eastern states of Australia; and a list of useful learning resources for you to further your knowledge.

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