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The Urban Nanna specialises in teaching people about traditional skills, crafts and methods of living set in the framework of a modern-day world. As well as reviving traditional ways of cooking, preserving, and crafting, we focus heavily on permaculture and living a more sustainable lifestyle by gardening and adopting zero-waste principles in everyday life, particularly within the suburban rental market.

We do this through regular written content both online and in print; interviews; an increasing range of hands-on workshops across a wide variety of topics; and tailored coaching & consulting sessions on a broad range of topics in different settings. Topics have included foraging, preserving, gardening, fermenting, handcrafts including creative mending and basket-making, zero-waste living, eco-cleaning and social media management, but the scope is huge, and clients can set the direction of any session they book.

New public events are posted on the Events & Coaching page, and advertised on social media. To stay up to date with what’s on offer, Subscribe below and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

If you’re interested in written content, workshops, guest appearances, interviews, or coaching/consulting sessions with The Urban Nanna, please contact us below with an what it is you’d like to focus on, and we can arrange a time to come and pass on some traditional skills in a modern setting.

About The Urban Nanna

‘Nanna’ Anna is a former primary teacher with a horticultural background, and founder of The Urban Nanna. Through articles, workshops, in-home consultations, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, and media avenues, she shares traditional knowledge, methods and skills with people around the world much like grandmas used to do with their children and grandchildren.

Firmly steeped in the ethos of Permaculture, The Urban Nanna showcases how it’s possible to be a sustainable permie even while living in the unpredictable rental market of suburban Australia.


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